BusinessCards MX est un logiciel de création avancée de cartes de visite.

BusinessCards MX est un logiciel de création avancée de cartes de visite. Préparez puis imprimez facilement et rapidement des cartes de visite professionnelles.

BusinessCards MX (demo)
39.95 EUR
Offre limitée! 40% de remise sur le prix habituel. Votre prix: 19.95 EUR


BusinessCards MX offers multi-language support which eases the daily use of the program and will help you to use it as efficiently as possible especially if English is not your native language.

You can volunteer to translate BusinessCards MX interface into your language. By helping with our translation process you ensure that BusinessCards MX will be available in your language of choice more quickly and with a better interface than it would have otherwise.

Translate our software and get a free license in return!

We can give you in return a BusinessCards MX license and you will be mentioned on this page.
If you are planning to translate Businesscards MX, send an email to and we will contact you. We hope you will enjoy working on our translation project and thank you for helping us make BusinessCards MX available worldwide.

Supported Languages Credits
english English (interface + help) [default language]
german German (interface) [default language]
french French (interface) [default language]
italian Italian (interface) [default language]
spanish Spanish (interface) [default language]
polish Polish (interface) [default language]
russian Russian (interface) [default language]
czech Czech (interface) [default language]
Farsi (Persian) Farsi (Persian) Mehdi Fahimkamal
portuguese Portuguese Boulat Rafikov / Luis Neves
Hungarian Hungarian Józef Tita Protasiewicz
bulgarian Bulgarian Kiril Kanev
chinese Chinese (Simplified) Michael He
serbian Serbian (Latin) Miroslav Mrkonjic
romanian Romanian Daniel Gradisteanu
romanian Romanian (versiunea cu diacritice) Dumitru-Razvan Durlea
Croatian Croatian
Sanjin Barac
norwegian Norwegian Rune Millerjord
swedish Swedish Rune Millerjord
dutch Dutch Marco Korthout
Hebrew Hebrew
Baruch Oron
Danish Danish
Jens P. Jensen Tonajt
Greek Greek
Anthony Vasileiou
Ukrainian Ukrainian Alexander Semiboroda
Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Traditional) Cheng Yuen Su
Saudi Arabia Arabic Awadh A Al-Ghaamdi
bosnian Bosnian Dragan Lovrić
korean Korean Choe Hyeon-Gyu
turkish Turkish Engin BAYRAM
slovak Slovak Maroš Šušla

Additional Languages (update 07-03-2008)

To install the additional language ,
unpack the ZIP file below in the directory
(default C:\Program Files\MOJOSOFT\BusinessCardsMX3).
Restart BusinessCards MX and change the language.

We are currently seeking volunteers willing to translate
BusinessCards MX into additional languages.
Finnish , Japanese , Slovak , Slovenian , Lithuanian and other .


Le logiciel BusinessCards MX a été testé par le service SOFTPEDIA Il est certifié à 100% exempt de virus, espiogiciels et publicités. 100% CLEAN

Soft32 guarantees that on the date of test, BusinessCards MX was found 100% CLEAN, which means that does not contain any form of malware (spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors).

100% clean - BusinessCards MX - certified by